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Welcome to our bilingual art class website at   Padre Manjón Secondary School. (I.E.S. Padre Manjón).

Even though this is the first year for the bilingual art class, our school has been bilingual for 3 years.  There are three bilingual courses (1st, 2nd and 3rd year of the E.S.O.) with the big change  this school year being that all the groups making up 1st year E.S.O. are bilingual.  In both 2nd and 3rd year E.S.O. there is only one bilingual group for each one. Since the demand to participate in these courses was larger than the number of students permitted for each group the students were selected by a draw.

There are four subjects where part of the classes are given in English:  Social Science in 2nd and 3rd year E.S.O. taught by Arturo García González; Natural Science - 1st year E.S.O. - and Biology - 3rd year E.S.O. - taught by Oscar Amezcua Rodríguez; Physical Education  - 1st and 3rd year E.S.O. -  taught by Francisco Javier Ochando and 2nd year E.S.O. taught by Mª Dolores Morillas Tomás; and Art - 1st year E.S.O. – taught by Beatriz Saéz Ballesteros.

These teachers (all with a B2 level of English) give their lessons in this language from 50%  to 75% of the time and they have the help of a native language assistant who participates with  them in some of their classes during the week.

This year our language assistant is Samir Lee, who comes from New Zealand, although part of his schooling was in Britain.

Part of the methodology used in bilingual education is the integration of activities from the overall curriculum between the linguistic areas (English and Spanish Language and Literature) and the non-linguistic areas (the four subjects mentioned above).  The students benefit by gaining greater knowledge and confidence in their use of English by practicing it in a variety of situations,  and, in their own language,  they experience how languages have very much in common with each other. 

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This week we will visit science park, !!!


the shape

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THE_SHAPE - Nacho.ppt (3296256) we are working now in a new unit ; the shape . Our pupils must to...


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we are going to Sciencie Park

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enlaces de presentaciones en inglés

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programación del departamento

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palabras y frases usuales en clase

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1.    Questions: (Preguntas) 1.    Are there any...

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